Medical Billing Practice, on the Cloud

Fast, reliable, and secure medical office management and revenue optimization solutions to future proof your business.

A smart way to deploy complete practice workflow automation and realization of revenue growth

Enjoy the ease of access and security without compromise. Work remotely, see patients and stay connected with a comprehensive cloud suite of office and remote care technologies.

MEDREVN started as a medical billing company. Later, along with medical billing, we collaborated with AdvanceMD to offer you the world’s best cloud-based medical software and services platform to transform your private practice into an amazingly productive care center. We are pleased to offer our entire suite of software and data storage on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting platform. Combined, MEDREVN and AWS offer an unprecedented experience with fast, reliable access to all your information, unwavering data security, and simplified storage with automatic backup. No other ambulatory software system offers this standard of hosting, which means starting or growing your practice on the cloud is as easy and affordable as it gets.

Because our software is hosted and managed on AWS and Citrix, as part of your low monthly subscription you get the highest levels of reliability, security, and performance. Our cloud platform makes our software simple to access across multiple devices and platforms with complete availability of all your information. You get a server-free environment so running your practice can be much more efficient. Medrevn on the AWS cloud lets you work from anywhere and any member of your staff can access information simply and securely through a browser or Smartphone. 

Medical billing and coding services

Unified workflow. Cutting-edge security.

Specialized tools for all roles including scheduling, charting, billing and patient relationship management.

Workflow elements work seamlessly together, passing key information to staff throughout the continuum of care.

Processes and dashboards are automated, reducing labor and improving information accuracy.

Designed to unify all roles of your practice.

You and your entire staff now have the ability to work from anywhere, stay fully connected, and always have immediate access to information. It allows you to nurture meaningful patient relationships while building a sustainable and financially viable private physician practice.

Industry-leading front office and scheduling software all within medical billing software.

Smart clinical apps for quick access to patient information from any browser.

Engage patients healthcare experience online, while capturing feedback in real-time.

Revenue cycle management services with analytics for an easy, simple way to get paid.

Schedule snapshot and task overviews that shows your completed and critical items.

Engage your patients with a wide variety of self-help tools and time-saving features.

Get real-time information of your financial health and uncover hidden opportunities.

Patient cards offer a faster and personal way to chart and manage patient information.

Increase patient show-up, save money and simplify workload with automated reminders.

Build a positive online reputation for your practice as a result of patient surveys.

Prescribe medications safely while tracking patient activities through the EHR.

Expand your care coverage and reduce costs while increasing patient satisfaction.

Value: Client increase revenues 5% to 45%.

Revenue realization rate up to 97%. First pass rate 97%.
The lowest rate for Remote Office Management.