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Software to manage online surveys from patients about your practice and doctors. Tout your excellence with positive patient feedback.

Explore doctor reputation management software features.

Our doctor reputation management software can help you easily build a positive online reputation using automated surveys to gather patient feedback about recent office and telemedicine visits.

Automated Surveys

Emails & texts are automatically sent to patients following their visits. As feedback is gathered (good & bad) you can action the responses to build a positive reputation.

Decision Tree Structure

If feedback is negative, we ask for additional comments & post their response privately to your dashboard. If feedback is positive, we invite the patient to post their positive experience to your Google profile.

Effortless to Administer

Our integrated solution leverages multiple systems (scheduling, EHR, practice management & patient engagement) to automate all the processes of our doctor reputation management feature, helping you gauge your reputation & make course corrections if needed.

Easy-to-write Reviews

Google makes submitting a numeric score (1-5 stars) very easy & quick. Patients can also post a short, written review of their recent experience.

Easy-to-read Reviews

Google compiles & posts feedback in a review summary that makes it easy & convenient for online searchers to see how many reviews you have, how well you rank & compare why other patients love your practice.

Why your practice needs positive online doctor reviews.

Improve your online reputation with an automated reputation management software system that gives you a near-effortless way to build 5-stars.

Google is the new Yellow Pages.

Let’s have a bit of fun here. Open a browser, any browser. Go to Type in your specialty followed by “near me” or your city, like “in Salt Lake City”. Then look at the results. Typically, Google will present all your “hits” based on geographic proximity. (That Google is so smart!) You’ll find all the basic things you used to find in the Yellow Pages: practice name, address and phone. But you’ll also find right below your practice name a very critical data point that your patients and future patients can see – the doctor reviews showing what people think about you. This is what you need to influence. Doctor reputation management surveys, our newest feature in the patient engagement suite can help.

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Tiny issues can ruin reputations. Manage a positive one!

In today’s digital era of well-informed online consumers, patients turn to Google to help find a doctor. Think online reviews are just for the I-can-out-Snapchat-you Millennials? Think again! Experts claim that nearly 85% of all people making a decision use Google to help in their research – all the way to the grandparents of Millennials.

You have a tremendous opportunity to dominate in your specialty and geography by building a high reputation score. If you wait, it will cost you. And that cost is the missed opportunity of attracting new patients for free. Your strategy should be to manage a positive reputation, because you have a reputation whether you drive it or not. And quite often, unfortunately, consumers use Google as a complaint box. Doctor reputation management surveys proactively and automatically find happy patients and direct them to post positive feedback. In fact, we even have an automated process that helps weed out the naysayers.

We make it so darn easy to garner great doctor reviews.

Our technology platform is the ideal software solution to make doctor reputation management easy. We claim it’s nearly effortless to build a great online doctor review profile because if you can create a great patient experience, our software strategically and intelligently takes care of the rest.

Each patient survey is triggered by your scheduling software after the visit is concluded, following checkout. Because the MEDREVN Patient suite knows the preferred method of contact, it delivers the survey by email or text message. If a patient gives negative feedback (1, 2 or 3 stars) in our survey, our technology will not invite the patient to post on Google. Rather, a direct probing question is presented and invites the patient to describe their recent experience. This new voice-of-the-patient insight is posted privately to you on a dashboard in your practice management and EHR software. If the initial feedback is positive (4 or 5 stars) our technology invites the patient to post on your Google profile.

Doctor Reputation

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